Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Studio Art

While this art isn't brand new (most was added earlier this month and some was added in January), I realized I hadn't showcased it on my blog yet.  It's not fair to keep all this cute art to myself!!  Plus, some of you that are not familiar with Heritage Makers are still either spending $5-$10 on each digital art collection, or your spending HOURS searching for and downloading really poorly designed freebies that don't belong in collections, and THEN spending HOURS organizing, tagging and searching for all this new art that is taking up TONS of space on your poor computer.  (I know- because that's what I used to do!).  Let's STOP THE INSANITY!!    Digital Scrapbooking is WAY better than Scrapbooking-  & Heritage Makers is the BEST way to do Digital Scrapbooking. 

* 6-8 NEW art collections added EACH MONTH-- along with the hundreds of other collections already on the site (that's over 70,000 pieces of digital art).  And you can get it FREE~  Free digital art... yeah!!

* art is stored online (your computer & your husband are already thanking you)

* All the art is in a searchable database.  (Hello Heaven!)  Type in "blue button" and up comes all the blue buttons.  You can search by word art (cool looking quotes), theme (disney or beach).

* Pre-designed templates that you can still customize.  (EASY PEASY!)

* Affordable pricing on photo books, canvas prints, custom invitations and more through the Club HM savings club. 

So- now that you're totally excited about learning more... check out the beautiful collections that can be FREE for you with your Heritage Makers Account

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