Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Subway Art

Subway Art has made a come back and it's so fun to see the different styles people create.  On the CLUB HM facebook page, we just had a contest and I wanted to share some of the entries.  (By the way any client can enter our contests and win FREE publishing points!)  They were really great and I'm sure most will be submitted to our template gallery.  It would be easy to modify one or just create your own!

These can be printed on our scrapbook pages or prints- all under $5.
To find and print these projects, just go to our TEMPLATE GALLERY and type in "subway" in the search box.

Here's one that I designed for my friend (and first Sacramento HM host), Melissa.  
You can change the rules for what works for your family.  

This was designed by Shanna Vineyard.  I love just about everything she does- but this is just adorable!

Isn't this great!  What a great print to put in your child's room!

Some for Mother's Day:

and for Father's Day:

LDS Mission:


And how about some cute Easter Prints:

Looking for a teacher's gift:

Decor for a baby's room or a cute announcement idea:
Valentine's Print:

5th of July:

This would make a great print for anyone- but especially for an athlete. 

This print could have a religious aspect . . . or if you are a psychologist :)

I loved this one.... I think I may make one with a Bronco's team for my husband!

This would make an awesome wedding gift for a new couple

So, why not give it a try!!  Either customize one of our templates, or create your own.  The sky's the limit to your creativity! 

How to make your own subway art?  Just go to and create a free account.

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