Thursday, October 25, 2012

SALE on iPhone Cases, Mugs & Ornamental Keepsakes

Check out some of our NEWEST products - perfect for gift giving this Holiday Season!

iPhone 4/4s Cases
 These totally customizable cases are super great quality!  The black or white frame is hard and the design is actually printed on a thin smooth & glossy metal.  Looks really great!!

Here are some favorite designs from our Template Gallery:

And we have almost every single sport represented!
contact me to get started: 702-271-2427 | digitaldreambooks(at)

Luv Mugs

okay - so you have to use some creativity as I show off these popular templates- the design is flat, but will eventually wrap around a mug: 

Ornamental Keepsakes

Baby's First Christmas


Remembering a Loved One


Santa Photos

All of these are so SIMPLE to make!  They each take less than 10 minutes - or have me create one for you.

Contact me to get started:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

NEW tutorial!

I had a question from a client today--  How can I flip an entire page on Heritage Makers?

This is a great question.  I actually didn't even know how to do this until I'd been a consultant for a few years!  In fact I had one of my clients show me this little tip- and I was so super excited to know about it.  What a huge time saver!!  Plus it just makes my 2 page layouts look super organized and awesome!

So, I put together a quick 3 minute tutorial showing you how YOU can do it too!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Dinosaur Party!

Does your little boy like dinosaurs like my little boy does?  
Time for a Dinosaur Themed Party!

Check out some fun Heritage Makers Templates below that you can customize for your own son (or daughter!)
Dinosaur Train Party
(just $2 each)

Dinosaur Train Party - Thank You Cards


8x4 Dinosaur Photo Card Invite
(just $1 each)

Okay, now this is cool.  A whole Party KIT!  Yup- this is actually a calendar that was turned into a Dino Party Kit.  Just customize and print out the whole thing for under $23.  So cute, huh!   The prints are 11x16

Door Hanger:
Print for your Wall
 Happy Birthday Banner
 Cupcake Toppers
 Thank You's for Goody Bags.
 Food labels (seriously- how fun!)

Dino-Mite Party Invitation

RAWR!  Invitation

Okay, so this isn't exactly for a party, but I did want to show off one of our hard-bound storybooks- this one just happens to have a fun dinosaur theme.  Perfect for your dino-loving boy!   And it would make a cute photo book for AFTER the party.

Ready to get started?  Just contact me to have me create something for you or to go on and create your own.   702-271-2427.  Thanks!