Monday, October 5, 2009

Upcoming Story Scrap & SCANNING Workshops

Come & have fun while working on your projects, and receiving help & ideas.
PLUS on Thursday I will have my SUPER DUPER FAST Kodak Scanner.

This workshops occur MONTHLY- every 2nd Thursday in the morning and every 4th Thursday in the evening.

DATE: THIS Thursday, October 8th from 9-11
PLACE: Henderson, NV. Please RSVP at 702-271-2427 to reserve your spot- and I'll give you directions to my home.

WHAT TO BRING: PHOTOS! Bring your whole box of photos and I will SCAN them all for you. Or bring a CD or scan drive of your digital photos. Bring a laptop if you have one, or reserve one of mine.

SCANNING RATES: (per photo)
1-99 Photos 29 cents
100-499 19 cents
500-999 15 cents
1000+ 10 cents/