Thursday, April 4, 2013

Having a Digital Scrapbooking Business

. . . without taking photoshop classes, or even having design experience. 

Do you love taking photos?
Do you love the idea of creating digital projects with your photos, like photo books and canvas prints?
Do you love to give unique gifts to family and friends?
Do you love to make friends and travel?

Why not make money while doing all the above.

Heritage Makers provides the opportunity to share you love of preserving your photos and makes it easy to both create your own custom keepsakes, as well as help others do the same.

What is Heritage Makers?
It's an online digital scrapbooking website/program.  It's not just a place to print your creations ... but a ONE STOP solution.  You upload and store your photos, have access to over 10,000 templates and 90,000 pieces of professional high quality digital art (that can be FREE), share your project online, and then have it printed and shipped to you.

With Heritage Makers, ANYONE can start doing digital scrapbooking without having to purchase software, like photoshop elements or creative memories.

WHAT you do as a Heritage Maker Business Owner:
Once you decide to have a Heritage Makers Business it's up to you to set your own schedule and to build your business.  Here are some different activities that many Heritage Makers Consultants do:

* Spread the word about Heritage Makers.  Our adorable photo bags make it super easy to start conversations wherever you're at.  You'll have people approach you and ask you about your cute bag.  Follow-up your conversations by inviting that person to meet with you or come to an event. Don't think you are good at talking with people??  It's easy when it's something you love!

* Set up demos and appointments with people you meet.  Spend 30 minutes showing them a demo of the Heritage Makers website, go over the products, and help them get started.  You can do these demos in person (at a home, starbucks, mcdonalds- any where there is wifi/internet) OR even online!  I often to online demos in the evening once my kids are in bed.

* Hold larger workshops.  Invite a hostess to get 5-7 friends together for a Digital Publishing Workshop.  Bring a few sample books and products and help them decide which projects to start with.

* Sell crafts created with Heritage Makers products.  So, maybe you are the crafty type?  With our scrapbook pages and amount of digital art, there's no limit to the fun things you can create and sell.  I will sell craft blocks at vendor shows and also sell prints through my etsy shop.

* Work with groups, organizations, teams and schools. You can collaborate with parents to create a team season book or a class yearbook.  While these books or posters make great gifts for coaches, you can offer them for sale to the other parents.  Parents love having a customized "scrapbook" for their child that they didn't even have to create.  I personally work with over a dozen teachers, helping them to offer this unique book for their classes. Here's a sample of one book:  Kindergarten AM

* Scanning Service.  So many people are overwhelmed with the number of printed photos they have stored.  As a consultant you can add scanning to your list of services.  Simply have clients drop off photos, and pay you to scan them with our super fast Kodak scanners that can scan 30 photos/min.

* Design for Hire.  While not all consultants do this, if you enjoy creating projects, offer to design books and projects for your clients.  You can charge either a project fee or an hourly fee.  Many consultants charge up to $25-$30/hr.

* Hold Digi Crops: Fun social nights where clients and anyone interested in checking it out can come and bring their laptop and start creating right away.

Are you intrigued yet??? Watch this quick video:

People ALL OVER are looking for SOLUTIONS for their photos.  People that used to scrapbook are running out of space for their HUGE scrapbooks!

Parents want to instill values for their kids and show them that they are loved!

 Many people are looking for ways to connect with and preserve their family history.

People are getting INSPIRED from blogs, facebook and pinterest --- they want fun, custom ways to celebrate life's important moments:

   And YOU can be the one to help them do it!

WHAT's in it for YOU??
An awesome start-up kit with products to show, business supplies, free publishing points to make your OWN projects, a bag to carry everything in, and more!  Up to 30% commission, plus opportunities for large bonuses.  Free and discounted products.  NO inventory!  An automatic network of other consultants.  Never pay for shipping on your client's orders.   Incredible training and support from both our home office and your director (ME!) . . . and MORE .... just keep reading:

Opportunities for travel, leadership development, friendship and MORE.
Before Heritage Makers I had never been on a single cruise.  Since I've been with Heritage Makers I have earned four cruises and taken my husband to a resort in the Maya Riviera in Mexico.

It's FUN!  There's few opportunites where you can combine digital scrapbooking/photo books/photography . . . and be able to work out of your home  . . . and earn REAL money to contribute to your family.

It's a GOOD OPPORTUNITY!  Consider the ratio of other common direct sellers to women in U.S. and Canada:
Mary Kay: 1 consultant per 202 women
Scentsy: 1 consultant per 841 women
Pampered Chef: 1 consultant per 3,416 women

Now check out the opportunity with HERITAGE MAKERS:
1 consultant per 43,070 women. 

And PHOTOGRAPHY is the #1 hobby in the world.  EVERYONE is taking more and more photos.

It's SUPER simple.  Just signup at  Click on "join my team" next to my photo.  Our consultant kit is just $160 and includes ALL the supplies in the photo above ... PLUS your own website, hosted and professionally maintained by Heritage Makers.

When you join, you get one-on-one training and coaching sessions with me - weekly or bi-weekly as needed.   There is also extensive online training, local consultant connect meetings, quarterly company events, and 1 large summer convention.  Each month you can listen to company calls, as well as team training calls to further support your business.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions.  I have helped consultants get started in over 9 different states across the U.S. As a director, and a senior template designer with Heritage Makers, I know how to help you succeed in this fun new venture!   I can't wait to share my passion with you!

You CAN do this!

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