Friday, March 18, 2011

LDS Themed Projects

LDS Projects

Today I wanted to highlight some of the LDS-Themed projects we have with Heritage Makers.  Many of these projects would be appropriate for all Christian faiths.
Not all of these are on our template gallery, so if you see something you'd like to make, please contact me and I can transfer the project into your HM account.
(click on the name to see the whole project if it's a book)

Follow Me Baptism Book (5x5 Storybook)

Follow the Prophet (8x8 Board Book)

ABC Gospel Book (8x8 Board Book)

Church Promises + Beliefs (rectangle flip book)

FHE Board
These are so quick!  Just swap in your photos and print.

Proclamation Poster (18x24 or 11x14)

 Proclamation Book (8x8 or 12x12 Storybook)


My Baptism Book - Girl (8x8 Storybook)

My Baptism Book - Boy  (8x8 Storybook)

Baptism Invitation (5x7 Invitation- comes with envelopes)

12x12 Scrapbook Page

Preserve the memories from their years of service

Missionary Girl (12x12 Storybook)

Place Individual Scrapbook Pages in the customizable Album

Missionary Travels  (12x12 Storybook)
Version 2: Blue & Yellow

Missionary Address Cards (size of a playing card)
(comes with 52 cards per deck)

Missionary Countdown 11x14 Prints

Lesson Handouts (with 5x7 Invitations)

8x20 Canvas Print

Become (8x20 Canvas Print)

As for Me and My House (8x20 Canvas Print)

Quote (8x20 Canvas Print) 
6 Be's (8x20 Canvas Print)  

6 inch prints:

Articles of Faith (12x12 Scrapbook Page)

Other FUN Projects

FHE Dice (Instructions on Project)

Apostle Cards (playing card deck: 52 cards per deck)
includes several facts and quotes from each apostle

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  1. I recently found Heritage Makers and I am loving it. Are you still/or willing to share? If so, I would love the FHE Board, the Family Proclamation Posters, the Proclamationbook, and the Articles of Faith templates.

    Thank you in advance,