Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Latest Projects

This week I've been focusing on Valentine's- both gifts for my kids and husband, as well as custom Valentine cards.

For my kids, I thought it would be fun to make each one a flip book with a message from me about the things that make them special.  I used template #78388  and just switched out the colors for Kylee's so they wouldn't be identical (and some of the words too so that hers would be unique). Here are Kylee's & Alyssa's books: (see complete preview)

  For Logan's I used template #57321: About Me (BOY) designed by Alina Merryweather   
(see complete preview)

For my husband... I've done books in the past for our love story.  In fact the first (real) book I ever did with Heritage Makers was this one:  I Love You Because (7.5x11)

After redesigning it, I submitted it to the Template Gallery: I Love You Because (template #46194)

I've also designed a couple different "love story" format books for the template gallery.
Love Story 8x8 (template #48691)

Love of Mine 7x5 (template #37902)

this year I was going for something more practical.... and ordinary... a gift we could use everyday.  And they always say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...

My husband has been asking for a way to consolidate our favorite recipes- so today I'll be finishing up our Bell Family Recipe Book.  I originally thought about doing one of our wirebound books, but I think I'd like to be able to add to it as we find new favorite recipes through the years.  So, I'm resorting to a 3-ring binder and 8.5x11 Scrapbook pages.  Yes- the pages are a little more pricey with HM than just typing up black and white pages off my computer.  But they are going to look BEAUTIFUL!

And because everyone likes to see a photo of the recipe, I searched google and downloaded a photo of EVERY single recipe.   (Thanks Kelly Barquin for the great idea!).    And it was so quick to make with Heritage Makers.  I actually thought about making the pages on Photoshop- but the hassle of setting up each page, having a million layers, then changing each layout for the different categories, and then having to store in on my computer where my husband might see it... no thanks!  Heritage Makers is WAY simple- and will save me SO much time.  And when I'm ready to add more recipes- my project will be there waiting for me to add to it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.   I'll take a photo once I receive the pages... they are going to be gorgeous!

And I've even been thinking ahead!  When my kids leave home for college/mission, etc . . . I'll just import the pages into a wire-bound book and presto.... all their favorite recipes from home that they can take with them.

Lastly, I created custom Valentine's Cards for my kid's classes.  My kids helped me with the themes... 
 Alyssa chose Monkeys

Logan chose Dinosaurs, and Kylee wants a DOG one for the boys in her class and a horse one for the girls in her class (the horse one was a last minute request this morning- so it has yet to be created).

I used the 4x6 invitations so I could choose the number I wanted- and I'll have 2 cards on each invitation.  So- 30 kids in a class will be 15 invitations.  I could have done business card size and gotten 50 cards for less than $7, but I opted for the bigger size.  

So- what are YOU planning for Valentine's Day??

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