Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Club HM Keychains

Order these for your team or your new Club Clients


Glass Squares are 7/8"
Front side has design, back side is brown.
Come in individual plastic bags - all ready to give!

Choose from 5 Designs:
blue club
tan club
white club
brown heart
hm diva

** Want a custom order??  
Just email me what you want it to say/or design and I'll create it. Great for consultants that have promoted or to give for an event. **

To order:
1. Figure out your total (# you want x @3)
2. Add $5 for shipping (anywhere in the U.S.)
3. Send payment via paypal to
    Choose to send "as a gift"
4. Please include the number and quantity you want in the details box.
5. You'll receive an email confirmation from me.
6. Allow 2 weeks to be delivered (so I can make them for you!)

If you have questions, or don't have a paypal account, email me at

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