Client Reviews

My clients love our products and the ease of use.  Check out some Real Reviews by my HM Clients:

"I started Ryder's first year book- and I have to tell you.. I'm definitely going to be a long term client!!! I love the templates, and how easy it is to use! "
- Jessie Johnson
  Mesa, AZ

"I got my first project today. It was done for my husband to give the eldest grandson. It shows 6 generations of men in the family. My husband, who spent 26 years in the military, choked up a little over it. I can't say anything better than that. It is top notch. I especially liked the velum in the front--elegant. 

.... I'm sold on you and the final product. Good work."
- Ann 

"They look totally awesome!! I will get them distributed this week. I wasn't expecting the books for Lainey and Camille, but I have to tell you they were thrilled. Camille especially. After looking through it she held it to her chest and with a heavy sigh said "I will treasure this always..."

Thanks again for all of your hard work on these. They really are a treasure."
- Laura Kistner
  Sacramento, CA

"I like that Heritage Makers offers products that I can't find on other websites (Like customizable decks of cards and the flip books)."
- Shannon Fox
  Sacramento, CA