Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love this Free Art!

One of the main things that sets Heritage Makers apart, besides the fantastic quality of our books, and the fun studio you can use to create your projects,  is the amazing amount of artwork we provide.  We just make Digital Scrapbooking so simple! And you can get it all FREE if you purchase your publishing points through our Club HM payment plan.  

Here are some of our more recently added kits:

"I CAN" This is a great kit if you want to document your weight loss, cancer survival, or any life journey.  I love the the quotes and word art included.  It makes you want to get up in the morning and just do an awesome job.

Lots of very pretty flowers, hearts and ribbons

Marathon, Running Kit
I have been WAITING for a running kit to join the HM collections!  So excited.  As a former cross-country runner, I needed some great art to help me scrap my race photos. 

And now for some great Father's Day Art for the great man in your life:


Don't you love this word art!  And the great thing is that some of this art is applicable to ANYONE that you love, whether it's the man in your life, your grown children or your newborn baby. 

This kit is great for my husband, as he loves to grill.  There are some great embellishments that could be used for lots of different themes other than a project for fathers. 

Camping Icons
The retro colors in this kit are so fun.  I love to camp and have great memories of camping with my family.  I could also see using these for Girl Scouts or Boy Scout layouts.

A cute little basketball collection for your favorite athlete

This spring kit coordinates with several other kits in our art collection.

This kit was added last month and I just love it.  The colors are so fun and cheery and the embellishments are super cute and friendly. 
See a project using this collection:

A great little outdoors kit. 

This kit is FULL of great embellishments that are perfect for anyone that likes to camp, fish, hunt, or just be outdoors.

An addition to the above kit- contains papers and more fishing embellishments.

Check out this cute Father's Day card made with these collections:


I love the colors in this kit and the fun dog tags.  Check out the template I used for my sons' book:

This kit has a little bit of everyone "dad": sports, camping, tools... and the colors are fun to.

And here's a PREVIEW to a few NEW collections that will be added in June:


If you're ready to try out all the awesome art with Heritage Makers, remember you get free access to everything once you join CLUB HM, our discount purchasing program.  Just go to www.digitaldreambooks.com and create a free account and choose "join Club HM".  Once you create an account, I'll contact you to set up your free one-on-one online 30 minute getting started demo.

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