Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012-2013 Vanderburg Class Books

I'm excited to be helping with class yearbooks for the 5th grade classes at Vanderburg Elementary!   These are my favorite projects of the year.  These customized books are CLASS yearbooks - which means they contain photos and events from just YOUR child's class!  It's the perfect keepsake for your son or daughter to remember their last year at Vanderburg.  

Preview and Order a copy of your class yearbook

Books can be ordered in TWO different styles: 
      * 6"x9" wirebound book with a firm cover (cv coated cardstock)
      * 8"x8" hardbound book.
Add $5 to any book to be able to customize the cover and add 2 extra pages to be filled with photos of just YOUR child.  You can specify specific text as well.  It's the PERFECT gift for your child!  For this option, you need to email photos you would like to use to:  The number of photos is up to you, however it is hard to fit more than 20 photos on a two page spread. 

Here are samples from previous years.  As it gets closer to the end of May, you'll be able to see the actual book for this school year.
Preview Ms. Cheetany's Class Book
Preview Ms. Wiercinski's Class Book
Preview Ms. Lively's Class Book

Name, Phone, Email


Ms. Aarons, 1st Grade
or Mrs. Light,  3rd Grade 

Contact Info (phone, email)

If you're looking for a great teacher gift, check out some awesome ideas here:

Please contact me if you have any questions!  If you'd like to create your OWN photo books, canvas prints and more with Heritage Makers, simply go to my website and create a free account:


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