Saturday, March 12, 2011


last chance to order Boardbooks!
Why do i LOVE boardbooks:
** Durable cover
** Thick pages that are tear-resistant 
     (so your two-year old can actually enjoy the book you made about him)
** Two page spread (as a designer i love this feature)
** No gutter... meaning text and photos won't disappear into the middle of the book
** Cute templates!

To help you save some moolah, order a board book for just $50 instead of $60 when you order in April (SAVE $10!).  You'll want to order sooner rather than latter so you can get it started!  

** books must be STARTED by April 30th, but can be published until the end of May.

Here are some of my favorite boardbook templates we currently have in the gallery:
(click on the name to see a preview of the whole book)

This is a great book to create and read to your son or daughter each night (there is a boy version too!) Let them know how much you love them!

Tell your son (or daughter) how much they mean to the people in their lives

If you had such a great time on vacation, why not preserve the photos and memories in a great looking book!

This is a BEAUTIFUL & reverent book to display photos and memories of child's baptism day.

Write down your favorite memories of the first 5 years of your son or daughter

The two page spreads will make their graduation photos look great!  You'll want to make one as a gift for them and then print off another copy for yourself.

This is a very clean and simple book for preserving your latest vacation to the beach

The two spread layouts really help make your wedding photos look even more beautiful!  Customize the colors and embellishments to you.

Can I just say that this book is completely adorable!  How fun to teach your child about their body with photos of themselves. I love it!

Great book to read to your kids each day or to bring as a quiet book to church.

And of course, there are some that are not on our Template Gallery, but if you wanted to create them, just let me know and I'll transfer them to you:

Give me a call to get started on creating your own boardbook today or look up MY EVENTS and attend a local free class.


  1. Your books are absolutely adorable! Such great choices. If I could I'd have a couple of each <3

  2. Really love your books. It's way too cute. I'll try read one for the children. Thanks :)

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