Saturday, February 19, 2011

mother's day templates

Okay- so I know it's only February-- but May will be here before you know it.  Why not create something this year that your mom is really going to love--- not just this year... but for years to come!

Since you'll want to publish 2 weeks before Mother's Day- this is the perfect month to pick a template and get started creating!

Here's some of my favorite projects for your favorite mom!

(10%-15% off in February!!)

(10% off in February!!)

(10%-15% off in February!!)

10%-15% off this month! 

(10% off in February!!)
(10% off in February!! . . . as low as $30!)

see MORE templates at (click on Template Gallery)

Contact me at 702-271-2427 to get started making your 
mother a wonderful keepsake this year!  It's easy and will be so memorable.

Happy Storybooking!
:) Michelle

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