Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Heritage Makers has more digital art available for use online than any other publishing website. In addition to unlimited access to all of our art, a Premier account also gets you free projects upgrades and additional photo storage.

And how would you like to get it all for FREE!?

For the months of June and July, if you sign up as a consultant with Heritage Makers, you'll receive ONE FULL YEAR of our Premier account. That's $100 value!! Of course, as a consultant you receive even more perks:  10%-15% discount off all products, free personal website, training and coaching with me, online & company support, 10% - 30% commission, free products and more!

Heritage Makers is a great business!  If you're looking for a business opportunity that fills your wallet and your heart, consider joining the Heritage Makers family! I'd love to invite you to look at our START-UP KITS (as low as $160) , how to earn money with Heritage Makers, and what other consultants have to say.  Here are some specific reasons several consultants decided to change their lives with Heritage Makers:

"I wanted the extra discount!" –Lisa Branch

"I was telling everyone about it anyway; I thought I may as well get a check too." –Kim Klassen  (Gold Director)

"Being a new grandmother, I wanted a company with products where my heart was." –Linda McCormick

"I really liked the women in the company. I thought if these are the types of women who do this business, then I'm in!" –Candy May

"I joined for the discount, started doing the occasional workshop to share the products, and began working the business when I realized I could do both and really make some money too!" –Brenda Henderson

"I love the product! It’s the best quality out there for digital products. Then it turned into a fabulous business after baby #2 arrived and I wanted to be home!" –Stephanie Mestas (Silver Director)

"I wanted to work from home while raising a family, and got more excited about this product than any other idea I had heard of!" –Lisa Nelson (Executive)

"My Consultant at the time kept calling me once a month and saying, “I know you’re going to become a Consultant, so will it be this month?” Then finally, after a year of sending my friends to her to get started with Heritage Makers, I decided to give it a try. Now I’m kicking myself for not becoming a Consultant the first time she called!" –Tami Vega (Director)

"I was so impressed with the incredible women of Heritage makers and the power of storybooking. I decided this was a business I really wanted to represent." –Kymberly Stoddard

 (Gold Director)
"After hearing about a company with a mission to help people document their heritage through personal publishing, we didn’t care how we got involved; we just wanted to be involved." –Kristi and Darren Mazutinec (Star Consultant)
I invite you to come aboard and experience what Heritage Makers has to offer!  Contact me to learn how Heritage Makers can change your life too!

Michelle Bell

Heritage Makers Director & Senior Designer

Get INSPIRED or attend classes. 
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