Saturday, January 19, 2013


Feeling overwhelmed with your photos??
I'm here with a great solution:


There are probably other names floating around... project 365, project life, 52 weeks, a photo a day . . . 
Whatever you want to call it- it's a yearbook ... for your family! A book to contain the photos of your year.... or it could be 2-3 years.  It just depends on how many photos you have.  

And it's super easy to do!
In fact once you make one, you may just be addicted to this new great way to preserve your photos. 
And if you've made similar books with other websites, then you'll really be glad you stumbled upon my blog, because Heritage Makers is definitely the BEST!

Just follow these easy steps:
1. Let me know what you are wanting to create.  Heritage Makers offers special deals you can only get through a consultant.  Text/call: 702-271-2427 or email me at michelle(at)  You can just say "I want to make a yearbook".  Scroll all the way down for prices. 

2. Upload your photos to your new Heritage Makers account. (Heritage Makers preserves your photos online... so if your computer crashes, you can get the photos you've uploaded to the site). Plus you can order back up DVDs as well. 

2. Choose a template (scroll down for my favorite templates).  This template can be kept as is OR can be completely changed.   OR, make it more fun by starting from a blank project and creating as you go. 

3.  Swap your photos in and customize.  This is the fun part.  You can add whatever you want to the template.  Want to see it in action??  Check out my short VIDEO DEMO.  
The order of your photos is up to you!  Some people choose chronological.  Others do a summary for each month, or just showcase their vacations from that year.  And some might do a photo a day (for me that is overwhelming!).  I pick my favorite photos from throughout the year and add text so I can remember the fun memories.   I keep it easy becuase that way it gets DONE.  

4. Publish and we'll ship your completed, printed, and professionally-bound book straight to you. 

Here are my hand-picked favorite 12x12 templates:  Simply choose a number, contact me, and I'll help you get your photos under control once and for all!

Snapshot Stories 12x12 Book (template # 104289)


Get your photos DONE!  Don't let them overwhelm you for another whole year.  It's so simple, fun and easy.   Depending on if there are other projects you want to try out as well, the price per 12x12 ranges from $45- $50 (versus $70 retail).  8x8 books are as low as $35.  Prices include use of the website and can also include unlmited use of all templates and art.  Plus they include the help of your consultant (me!) and our high quality products (best hardbound books on the market). 

 I can't wait to help you get started!  michelle(at) | 702-271-2427

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