Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holiday Subway Art

I'm loving that Subway Art is so popular!  We have some stinkin' cute stuff on Heritage Makers that I'm super excited to share with you.  I've picked out the BEST from our TEMPLATE GALLERY to share and offer to you.   SCROLL down for PRICING.  Prints start as low as $5. To order, just email me: digitaldreambooks(at)  I check my email daily.  These are not digital files- but come as professionally published prints.




Here's one that I designed for my friend (and first Sacramento HM host), Melissa.  
You can change the rules for what works for your family.  

This was designed by Shanna Vineyard.  I love just about everything she does- but this is just adorable!

Isn't this great!  What a great print to put in your child's room!

Some for Mother's Day:

and for Father's Day:

LDS Mission:


And how about some cute Easter Prints:

Looking for a teacher's gift:

Decor for a baby's room or a cute announcement idea:
Valentine's Print:

5th of July:

This would make a great print for anyone- but especially for an athlete. 

This print could have a religious aspect . . . or if you are a psychologist :)

I loved this one.... I think I may make one with a Bronco's team for my husband!

This would make an awesome wedding gift for a new couple

So, why not give it a try!!  Either customize one of our templates, or create your own.  The sky's the limit to your creativity! 

How to make your own subway art?  Just go to and create a free account.
If you are in the Gilbert/Chandler area, you can purchase using the pricing below:
All pricing is for high quality PRINTED items.  All FULL-color. Not sold as digital files. 

8.5x11 PRINT - $5
11x14 PRINT  - $6
12x12 PRINT - $6
18x24 PRINT - $25
8.5x11 Flyers - $15 for 30

5x7 Invitations- $1/card

8x8 CANVAS PRINT - $40 (as low as $33)
8x20 CANVAS PRINT - $60 (as low as $54)
12x12 WRAPPED CANVAS - $53 (as low as $47)
16x20 WRAPPED CANVAS - $75 (as low as $67)
20x20 WRAPPED CANVAS - $83 (as low as $74)
20x24 WRAPPED CANVAS - $90 (as low as $80)
18x18 WRAPPED CANVAS DEEP - $98 (as low as $87)

these look REALLY cool!
8x10 Metal Print- $45 (as low as $40)
12x18 Metal Print - $75 (as low as $66) 

order by emailing me @ michelle(at)  I'll email you a paypal link.
Custom Orders arrive in TWO weeks.

Please call for questions: 702-271-2427

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