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Preschool and Elementary Class Books

I'm getting ready to start creating Class Books!  These are one of my favorite projects that I do with my business.  If you are a teacher/principle/school director, please scroll down and look at previous books I've done, as well as the process for having a book created for your class.

Michelle Bell

COWAN PARENTS of Ms. Light's & Ms. Aaron's Class
Order your copy of the class book here:

Contact Info (phone, email)
Here are previews of past books I've created:

Mrs. Stella AM: see preview of book 
Mrs. Stella PM: see preview of book
Mrs. Lively AM: see preview of book 
Mrs. Lively PM: see preview of book

2010-2011 See Preview Here

Mrs. Rosenberger 2010-2011

Vanderburg 5th Grade 

If you would like class books for your school/class, simply contact me at 702-271-2427 or michelle@myheritagemakers. Here's how it works:

1. I create a FREE Heritage Makers account for the class/school.  If your school is small, we can do 1 book per school- however I really love doing a book for each class.

2. The teacher uploads photos she has taken throughout the year directly onto her Heritage Makers account. If she/he doesn't have a lot of photos, we can also give parents instructions to upload photos to the account.  The teacher also needs to upload a photo of each of the children (not a professional one-- for the class page).

3.  The teacher emails me a list of "themes" or activities from the year... chronologically if possible.

4.  I put the book together  (yeah!... easy!)

5. Once the book is put together, I have the teacher go through the book and review it.  She can then change anything, or give suggestions for me to change, or add text.  Or she can just leave it "as is".

6. I print one copy a couple weeks before the ordering date.  I find there are more orders if the parents can see a printed copy.  I can also have the teacher email the parents a preview of the completed book.

7. The school/teacher takes orders from the parents and helps me to advertise the book. 

8. Orders are collected 2.5 weeks before the desired delivery date.  I can have the books ready by the last day of school, or you can print the books after the last day in order to include graduation and end of the year events.  

What does it cost the school??  Nothing.  There is not upfront cost to participate.  All I ask is that you help to advertise the books and assist me in getting the photos needed. I do the rest.  

Can books be customized??  Yes, everything in the book is custom- so you have total control over how it looks.   We can include the school logo as well.  Also, I can go a little bit further and customize each cover for each individual student... with their name and photo on the front cover- and their artwork on the back cover or inside the book.

Can We Make Money off the books? Of course!  Add $5-$10 to the total of each book and that money can go directly back to the school.  This is a great fundraiser!  If you see that as something you'd like to continue doing, consider becoming a consultant with Heritage Makers and you can earn an additional 30% back from all the sales of the books.

What is the cost of the books?  Depends on the type of book you want to use. The most popular books have been our wire-bound books, which come in two sizes:

6x9 Wire-Bound

 8.5x11 WIRE-BOUND

These other two books are newer products just added this Fall 
and are stapled- not wire-bound, but are less in price.

8.5x11 BOOKLET
 $9.90- $15/booklet


 $6.60- $10/booklet

It's NOT too late to create class books for your school THIS YEAR!
I only need a few days to put your book together.  Most teachers take plenty of photos throughout the year- and there are still fun events yet to take place this year!

Give me a call or send me an email to get started. 

MIchelle Bell
Director, Heritage Makers
Sacramento, CA
702-271-2427 (my cellphone)
(used to live in Henderson, NV)

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