Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Country Music Awards

Heritage Makers is going to the 2011 Country Music Awards!!
We'll be talking with song artists about getting involved with Heritage Makers 
and our charitable organizations like this one: 

When Melissa Tomas, MN based consultant, visited People Serving People, the largest shelter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she saw a pressing need that she was in a position to fill — books for children. Melissa is Consultant with Heritage Makers, a company that helps people publish their own customized storybooks. During her visit she learned that inner city shelters and preschools often don’t have enough books for the children that they care for.

With the help of other Consultants in the area, Melissa began creating “tucked in” bedtime storybooks for each child. Photos taken by volunteers were combined with positive messaging, with the idea that the published book could become part of a nightly ritual to give the child a sense of security, optimism, and constancy. “Whatever a child is told at bedtime they believe,” she says, “so this program encourages kids to reach beyond today’s hurdles and know that they can create a better tomorrow.” People Serving People considers the books a “priceless gift.”

Melissa, her fellow volunteers, and Heritage Makers are working to expand the program so that more children and families can benefit from these empowering storybooks.

What a great organization to be involved in!  Thanks Melissa for using your business for good.

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