Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Templates this Week!

I'm super excited to highlight these recently added Templates!  And every week we just keep getting beautiful templates to make it EASY to create your own projects.

Here are some of my favorites:  
(click on name to see the entire project)

Yearbook for Girls (8x8 Storybook)
Designed by Amy Simmons
This makes it easy to take all the photos of your little girl from this past year and make her own album.  And it's already super cute!  Best of all, you can add or take away photos to completely customize it.  

Recipe Card (4x6 Card) id:64857
designed by: Ann Perry 

Wouldn't this be a GREAT Christmas gift!  Type up your favorite recipes, print them as 4x6 cards, hole punch the corners and put a ribbon through them and pass out to your neighbors along with a loaf of bread or other goodies this December.   

Just Be (12x12 Pages) id: 64701
Designed by Kristen Williams 

Do you have a wall that needs something- but you're not sure what???  How about these simple and modern 12x12 pages!  Just swap in your photo, print and frame them with 12x12 frames from Michaels.  Or mount on foamboard and hang with a ribbon.  What a great way to reinforce your family values at home!

Winter Snowflake (8x8 Storybook) 
Designed by Casie Balser

Okay- so it's the middle of summer.  But that means we are all wishing for cooler weather!  So, it's perfect time to take those fun winter photos and place them in a book you can look back at all year round.  

Summer Vacation (Flip Book) id:64443
designed by: Nichole Carbajal  

Wondering what to do with your summer vacation photos?? 
Help your kids remember the fun memories with this cute flip book.

I hope these templates INSPIRE you to get started today and preserving those important family memories!!

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