Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Products & Consultant Special!

This past week at our Leadership Training Conference we introduced NEW products!

Wood Frames for Canvas Prints

I'm REALLY excited about these because they are beautiful and a great accent to our hot-selling canvas prints.  The best part-- way less costly than getting canvases done through a photographer and WAY BETTER quality than other online publishers.   See PRICES here.  Order by contacting me at 702-271-2427.

Other Great NEWS:
Leather Cover Upgrades for Storybooks

And did you know that joining Heritage Makers has NEVER been easier!  In fact you can become a consultant for just $50.  And in April we're giving you 25 free publishing points... so it's really like only spending $25 to get started as a consultant.  Consultants receive a 10-15% discount on publishing PLUS 10-30% commission and fabulous incentives (like a free CRUISE that I went on in January)  See our Consultant Kit

I've been a consultant for almost 4 years and I absolutely love it.  Join my team and get awesome training and the confidence you need to build a successful business.  And the best part- you work your business with YOUR hours, from YOUR home.  CURIOUS?? ... visit my WEBSITE or CONTACT ME to learn more!

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