Thursday, August 5, 2010

Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking

WHY Heritage Makers vs. Regular Scrapbooking

  1. No mess!! You don’t have to cover your table with papers, embellishments, pens and glue to put together your pages. You can turn on your computer for 15 minutes and finish a page and then turn your computer off and clean up is done!
  2. The UNDO button. Anything you do can be undone. No ruined photos or products.
  3. No more trips to the photo store to resize, recolor or reprint pictures. You can easily resize and give your photos great looking effects.
  4. Better for the environment! Only print your finished product. No more wasting paper and scraps.
  5. You won’t get bored with our online Studio! Because we have an online program, we’re always adding things and improving the program
  6. Premier is all-inclusive pricing. You get over 45,000+ pieces of SEARCHABLE digital art that you can use over and over again!! Plus we add 6-8 NEW art collections every single month so there is always new art to use.
  7. We are STORYBOOKING. Finally you’ll be able to easily add journaling to your projects to be able to really tell the story behind the photos
  8. Our books are THIN & PORTABLE! They take up much less space, and weigh less than big, bulky traditional scrapbooks
  9. Heritage Makers archives ALL of your photos and projects. So, if something ever happens to your book you can replace it or tweak it and reprint it.
  10. Easy to SHARE. With a click of a button you can send a preview of your project to friends. You can also share photo albums, even if someone doesn’t have a Heritage Makers account.

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