Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Coupon Book {FREE Printable!}

So, Valentine's Day is coming up this week and maybe you're still looking for a fun gift to give.  How about a cute book of LOVE COUPONS!  I've designed this fun set of of coupons, including a front cover & back cover.  Just print, cut out,  punch a hole in the corner and tie with ribbon, or staple the sides.

I actually designed this for an Activity Days Valentine Craft for a group of girls age 8-10 to make to give to their parents.... so there are some coupons that have to do with cleaning rooms, emptying dishwashers.  I decided to make a few more so they would also be appropriate for a spouse, or for a parent to give to a child--  just use the ones that apply to the person you're giving it to.   There are even blank ones that you can write in your own fun coupons.

And the best thing about a fun coupon book.... the love continues weeks or months after Valentine's Day!  And it's FREE.  You can't say the same about roses!

Get the FREE download here (make sure to get BOTH pages):

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  1. The link to the second page of the template does not work. Could you please post a working link? Love these!!